Try the personal brand experiment

Experiment with your personal brandLet’s try an experiment.  Grab yourself a pen and paper and before you read any further than this sentence, write down your answer to the following question: “What do you offer as your personal brand?”



[I’m leaving a bit of a gap here so you don’t cheat and read ahead!]



So what did you put? Did you answer with a description of what you DO, or did you answer with a description of what YOU do?

The difference?  The first one is the default setting we’ve been trained to use – to define ourselves by our job titles and roles. But whilst that is certainly part of what you have to offer, if you leave your personal brand at that all you’re doing is putting yourself into a box with every other person that does that job.

The second description however – what YOU do – says what you bring to the job that others don’t. And that’s what people need to know when they’re deciding whether or not to buy into you.  So think about that the next time you’re promoting your personal brand!

PS: If you’d like to meet me in person to find out more about your personal brand I’m running a workshop with the fabulous image consultant Natalia Colman of Style Specialists, whose guest blog has appeared on this site.  All the information is at:

PPS: I’ll be taking advantage of the unusually long Easter break to unchain myself from my laptop and spend some time outdoors chasing the chickens from the vegetable patch and doing other fun pursuits – so my next blog will follow in a couple of weeks’ time.  Cheers and enjoy the sunshine if we get it!


I’d love to know how you got on with the experiment so leave a comment!  And please help me to spread the word using the buttons below.  Or if you’d like to learn more, check out my other blogs and follow me on Twitter.  Thank you! 

Spark specialises in branding, but not for companies – for PEOPLE, helping clients to market themselves so they stand out from the crowd, building a reputation that enables them to be even more successful just by being themselves.   Spark delivers personal branding to executives and senior managers in Leeds, Harrogate, Skipton, York, Bradford, Wakefield and the Yorkshire area, as well as in London and other UK cities. The company was founded by Jennifer Holloway and her 15 years’ experience in PR coupled with several years as an executive coach means she delivers a personal brand service unlike any other. 

5 Responses to “Try the personal brand experiment”

  1. I love the idea of brandme. I’ve done some work on this before and even wrote my manifesto who what I stood for – so I could work through my values and beliefs. Really interesting exercise which made me think hard about what I’d need to compromise on and what are the core elements of what make me.


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