Addressing your Dressing

Personal brand for business in Yorkshire and LeedsOut of all the things that make up your personal brand your image is the first thing you need to get right, so it’s time we addressed your dressing.   

Think about it…if you are in a room of people and someone walks in, within seven seconds of spotting them you’ve  formed an opinon about them.  They haven’t opened their mouth or shaken your hand, but you already have a pretty good idea whether you’re buying into their personal brand.

What’s influencing that opinion?  How they look: their physique, their hairstyle, their clothing, their accessories, their personal hygeine – it’s all adding the picture. 

And every piece of the picture needs to add up.  We all know of someone whose attempt to convey a smart brand was let down by the fact their shirt collar was threadbare and their shoes were so scuffed and uncared for that the toes curled upwards.  Or someone whose pinstripe suit and snazzy tie conveyed an attention to appearance, only for that to be contradicted when they opened their mouth and their yellowing teeth and coffee and nicotine breath  told you otherwise.

So you have to ask yourself: “What do I want my image to tell people about me?”

The answer to that should reflect your personal brand.  For example, I define my image as ‘City with a twist’.  I’ll start by wearing something smart and having a hairstyle and make-up that wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom (reflecting my brand attributes of confidence and making things happen).  But then I’ll always add something extra, like a big flower corsage or a multitude of pearl necklaces, to show I’m not your typical boardroom exec (reflecting my brand attributes of being ‘me’ and doing things my way).

So when you’re deciding what to wear in the morning, take time to think about what your key brand attributes are and whether your image (in all its forms) is saying that.  And if it’s not, perhaps it’s time to rethink your wardrobe, which is why my next blog will be a guest post from Natalia Colman, founder of Style Specialists.


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Spark specialises in branding, but not for companies – for PEOPLE, helping clients to market themselves so they stand out from the crowd, building a reputation that enables them to be even more successful just by being themselves.   Spark delivers personal branding to executives and senior managers in Leeds, Harrogate, Skipton, York, Bradford, Wakefield and the Yorkshire area, as well as in London and other UK cities. The company was founded by Jennifer Holloway and her 15 years’ experience in PR coupled with several years as an executive coach means she delivers a personal brand service unlike any other. 


4 Responses to “Addressing your Dressing”

  1. I agree completely and as a photographer it’s interesting to note that I have to consider carefully what I’m wearing on a wedding shoot opposed to going into the studio to cover a model shoot. Weddings, for me require a smart and professional look that shows I’m there to do business and also shows deference to the bride and groom’s big day.

    When shooting in the studio, if I wore a shirt and tie it would come over far too ‘stuffy’ and formal… not the feeling you want when you want your subjects to be relaxed!

    Creating a brand through clothing, for me, is more about perception and what I want others to feel when they are around me. This creates the brand I’m looking for.


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