BACK TO BASICS #5: Accentuate the positive

Howdy!  And welcome to my latest musings in my Back to Basics series, aimed at answering all those personal branding questions you wanted to ask, but were too embarrassed to.

Today’s blog explains how, by projecting a positive personal brand, you’ll be seen as a positive brand because even though you can’t entirely control how others see you, you can certainly influence it.  Let me explain…

Can not can’t

In this life there are two types of people – the ‘can do’ and the ‘can’t do’.  Time spent with a ‘can do’ is like drinking half a dozen espressos on the trot – you come away fired up and full of enthusiasm.  But being with a ‘can’t do’ is like spending a bank holiday weekend in a caravan with the rain lashing at the windows and only a 100 piece jigsaw of a kitten to keep you company.

Attitude is obviously a big factor, but playing a part in that is the language they use. 

CAN DO: You can use the projector when we’ve finished our meeting
Can’t do: You can’t use the projector right now

CAN DO: I can do any day from Monday to Thursday
Can’t do: I can’t do Friday

CAN DO: I can start that once I’ve finished this
Can’t do: I can’t do that right now

The meanings are the same but the ‘can do’ people are projecting a positive personal brand.  So when you’re next typing an email or talking on the phone, think about what you’re saying – it’s a great opportunity for you to accentuate the positive and, along with it, your personal brand.

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Spark specialises in branding, but not for companies – for PEOPLE, helping clients to market themselves so they stand out from the crowd, building a reputation that enables them to be even more successful just by being themselves.   Spark delivers personal branding to executives and senior managers in Leeds, Harrogate, Skipton, York, Bradford, Wakefield and the Yorkshire area, as well as in London and other UK cities. The company was founded by Jennifer Holloway and her 15 years’ experience in PR coupled with several years as an executive coach means she delivers a service unlike any other. 


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