You can’t fake it to make it with your personal brand

Ever heard the term, “You gotta fake it to make it!”?  Well, the sentiment is about right: if you think and act as if you are successful it’s easier for people to believe you are successful and for success to follow.  Or put another way, sending out positive personal brand messages will help you to be seen in a positive way.

But what happens when your thougths of what ‘successful’ and ‘positive’ look like are leading you down the wrong path? This blog from Seth Godin puts it brilliantly:’s+Blog)

The key is to be authentic with your personal brand above all else.   If you have proven yourself and that’s led to some diva-ish behaviour but it’s still genuine to you, then go ahead – I may not like it but I’ll understand it.  But if you’re not being authentic and think I’ll give your personal brand the same credit just because you’re displaying the same behaviour as someone else, forget it!

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