Are you a personal brand or are you just a ‘me too’?

Do you remember when graduating from university guaranteed you a job? Or when being ‘one of the boys’ was the best tactic to get ahead? Or when doing good work was enough to get you recognised?

Well, the fact that you’re remembering it, and not experiencing it, shows just how far business has moved on. But have you moved on with it?

I come across so many people who subscribe to the view that standing out from the crowd would be detrimental to their career and that blowing your own trumpet ‘just isn’t done’. What they haven’t realised is that that is exactly what you need to do if you’re going to succeed in today’s environment. Because with so many people, services and products to choose from, if you’re not showing you’re different you must be a ‘me too’ – and who the heck wants to buy a ‘me too’?

So why not start making better use of the #1 thing that makes you unique – you. And to do that, you need to have a clear, consistent and authentic personal brand that you communicate in all you do and say.

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